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20 minute session during sunset at a location within Linvilla Orchards (location to be assigned by Linvilla the morning of the session)
Private online proofs
5 digital high resolution images of client's choice
Option to purchase additional images at $20 each or the entire gallery for a flat rate $199
Digital download of chosen images with personal use rights

*Just to cover my butt, please remember that I have absolutely no control over the scenery or the weather. I can't guarantee any section of the orchard any more than I can sun vs clouds vs rain. We shoot sunny and cloudy but do cancel for rain and we also cancel if the temperatures or windchills are below freezing (not just for the health our clients, but also because it's really bad for our equipment).

Scheduling: Our winter sessions are short and sweet at just 20 minutes max due to the usually colder temperatures this time of year and are always done at sunset for that beautiful, soft, flattering light. Sunset refers to the general time of day and does not guarantee sun for your photos. Our sessions take place Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and I often put Tuesday aside as rain dates. Our exact start time will depend on the sunset time that week as well as the weather forecast.

Ages: Winter sessions are for ages 4+ only, not only because of the cold, but also because these sessions are so short that older, more cooperative subjects are best so that you make the most use of your session time.

Shooting Style: In the past few years I've made the decision to push forward with just shooting the yummy candid stuff. I'll give a little bit of direction but otherwise I want to be invisible to capture you guys, being a family, interacting, having real fun, showcasing real tantrums. In other words, I'm not trying to create the perfect family portrait for you to show off on Facebook; I'm trying to capture your real, silly, crazy, perfectly imperfect family. Please note that these shortened sessions are best for capturing a handful of great family photos, but it's not always feasible in these short timeframes to photograph breakdowns of every combination.

Clothing Style: Our family sessions definitely have a certain look. A mixture of romantic, whimsical, boho and vintage. Lots of natural fabrics and colors ranging from neutrals to pale pastels and muted tones. I ask clients to dress in pieces that reflect this so I can keep a cohesive look to my photos. In other words, avoid the vivid colors and bold patterns and just go simple and subtle. My style isn't for everyone so that's why we want to make sure this is a perfect for you for before we book.

Location: I have the awesome opportunity to shoot exclusively at Linvilla Orchards of Media, PA. The landscape is ever changing during the warm months, but is pretty darn barren during the winter months. When scheduling a winter session, bare trees should be expected. The only drawback is that a working on an orchard with maintenance does mean I don't know my scenery until I arrive that day with you guys but I must say after being there 4 years I've never been dealt an area I didn't find to be picture perfect.

Social media use: A huge part of my marketing is the ability to show off these beautiful sessions on our Facebook, IG, Twitter. Plus it's a fun way for me to post sneak peeks for you while I edit. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission but if you'd prefer total privacy for your photos just let me know before booking. We have a small $25 privacy fee which will keep all images completely private to you.


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