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  • Image of Sweet Baby Saturdays - Now Booking
  • Image of Sweet Baby Saturdays - Now Booking
  • Image of Sweet Baby Saturdays - Now Booking

Expectations: If I had to put a positive spin on COVID, it would be that it has transitioned our newborn session style to exactly where I wanted it to be one day. No more swaddles, no more props, no more trendy and cutesy productions. Just sweet simple baby in a cozy onesie, little fists, real life rooting and cries, real life tiny sneezes and yawns, and, of course, lots of family snuggles. These are short and sweet sessions, minimally posed, and very minimal contact on my part. I'm a big believer in having just a handful of quality, sweet images to document this fleeting stage. Upon booking, I'll send a questionnaire to learn more about your photo goals for this short and sweet timeframe whether it be baby-led, macros of little lashes and lips, a family photo, a sibling photo, etc.

Location: All sessions take place in my little home studio in Brookhaven, PA. It's a regular house in a residential neighborhood, and we have a studio addition with separate entrance just for our clients. Please note, I'm a huge animal lover, but I like to keep this studio room as sanitary as possible for all the little ones that visit so I kindly ask that you do not bring any fur babies along.

What I provide: A toasty little room with light cream walls, a comfy daybed layered with simple textured throws and a little pop of decor that falls in line with the time of year. All white sheers drape our windows, and a cream tufted sofa aside our barn door. It all makes for such lovely lifestyle photos.

What you should not expect: This is a bare minimum, simple mini session so you should not expect outfit changes, costumes for baby, tutus, or posing them with sports gear. We don't photograph babies undiapered or any posing of baby whatsoever. I don't use any client brought items or try to recreate past sessions or Pinterest ideas. Your sweet baby and family is personalization enough. I want you to come to me because you love and trust my super simple style. You'll give me your general goals and I take it from there to create a tiny little gallery for you.

Group size: Our studio room is small, but we can accommodate a group of up to six members total, baby included. This may be baby's parents, baby's siblings, grandparents, etc.

COVID update: We will cancel your session with full refund if ourselves or anyone in our household has any COVID symptoms, if we've had contact with anyone with any COVID symptoms, and ask our clients to do the same. All hard surfaces will be sanitized thoroughly between clients. To keep group sizes to a minimum, only those being photographed may enter the studio. Please be aware that the studio size and nature of the photos does not allow us to maintain a distance of 6ft at all times, but myself and my assistant (if present) will keep a mask on for the entirety of the session and wash our hands thoroughly at your arrival and departure.

Package price : A Sweet Baby Saturday is $199 and includes a 45 minute session. Within 2 weeks of your session I will email a private online gallery of the best images (approx 15 to choose from). Your package includes 5 images of your choice available through digital download with a document giving you the rights to use these photos for any personal use such as printing, duplicating, and sharing on social media. When viewing your gallery you are welcome to choose additional images at the rate of $20 each or an all-inclusive option to download the gallery for a flat rate of $119.

*Most babies may need feeding/diaper changing/soothing/burping breaks during sessions. I like to give this information so that you have realistic expectations about what can be accomplished during our short and sweet sessions.

Social media use: This pricing reflects the ability for me to show off these beautiful sessions on our social media. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission.

Scheduling: Simply use the dropdown box below to view all available dates and times. To book, select a date when baby is approximately a week to a month old, Add to Cart, and checkout. Please allow a few days for me to process your oder. Rescheduling to another Sweet Baby Saturday is flexible, if needed, but if baby falls between 5 days old and 2 months old for the selected date, we can proceed as planned. Full refunds can be issued if an appointment is not available.