• Image of Linvilla Orchards Family Sessions - 50% Retainer

Shooting Style: My goal is to capture your silly, perfectly imperfect, real life family; the cry faces and tantrums, the snuggles and joyous double chin laughs, the piggy back rides and grass stains. These sessions are going to be PDA to the extreme; squish close, cuddle and kisses all over. These sessions are going to be silly. We're going to sing and dance, pick our noses, smell stinky feet, and make fools of ourselves. And these sessions are going to be an adventure splashing in puddles, collecting rocks, and sitting our butts down in the middle of a dirt road because the light is gorgeous there. If you're looking for smile at the camera poses, these are sure to disappoint. But if you want to embrace a healthy layer of dirt on your hands and find joy in the little moments, then come join us for photos <3

30 minute session
Private online viewing gallery
5 digital high resolution images of client's choice
Option to upgrade $20 per additional image, $199 full gallery upgrade
High-res download of chosen images with personal use rights

*I think it goes without saying, but just to cover my butt, please remember that I have absolutely no control over the scenery. I can't guarantee blossoms or a sunset sky any more than I can sun vs clouds (although some past stormy dramatic sessions have been AWESOME). Our locations are assigned upon arrival at your session based on mowing, crop spraying, hayride routes, deliveries and more. Most of the spring and summer is just plain beautiful grass and trees and fall foliage comes and goes quickly.

Group Size: We can accommodate a family of up to 6 members. For over 6, please email info@devonanne.com with the ages of family members so we can decide together whether our short timeframe is sufficient for your goals.

Scheduling: Our sessions are short and sweet at just 30 minutes long and are always done at sunset for that beautiful soft flattering light. We mainly work with babies, toddlers and young ages so our sessions are extremely active and unposed. Our sessions take place MWFs. Our exact start time will depend on the sunset time that week as well as the weather forecast.

Rain dates: Sessions are only rescheduled if it is actively raining or inevitable in the forecast. Tuesdays and Thursdays are our rain reschedule days. Since we are very limited to time of year, time of day, and good weather seasons, if a session is rained out twice, we will issue a refund so that it does not create a backlog in our schedule.

Pets: Although we love fur babies, pets are not permitted at Linvilla

Social media use: My pricing reflects the ability to show off these beautiful sessions on our social media and share them with Linvilla Orchard's marketing team. Plus, it's a fun way for me to post sneak peeks for you while I edit. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission, but if you'd prefer total privacy for your photos just let me know before booking. We have a small $25 privacy fee which will keep all images completely private to you.

THIS IS A RETAINER PAYMENT ONLY. The full price is $399 Sept - Dec, and $350 April - Aug. The remaining 50% balance will be billed on your session date.

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