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While much of our 15 minute holidays minis are spent playfully baby and toddler wrangling, not all of you guys need that amount of time! Quick Smile sessions are designed for families with children ages 5+ only. We find that with cooperative subjects we can easily accomplish a goal photo and sometimes a bonus or two pretty darn quickly. Of course, you know your child best. Sometimes I've had children over age five who absolutely do not want to be photographed and put up a fight or who are terribly shy and need more time to warm up to me. It's not my goal to force any child or disappoint parents so please only sign up if you feel this would be a stress free option for you and your child.

5 minute mini session at Devon's home studio in Brookhaven, PA
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Our set: Charcoal backdrop with wooden floor and gold open frame draped with greenery and pinecones. We'll add the olive velvet chair we've rented the day before the minis begin.

Clothing: Avoid large areas of green as it may clash with the color of the chair. Colors we encourage are silvery blue to royal blue, shades of grays, golds, champagnes, cream and ivory, and red. Bright red is best if broken up in a pattern or by a texture/layers or done as small accents.

I can fit four family members max. That may be mom and three children (over 5), mom and dad and two kids, four children (over 5) but due to set size I can't fit larger groups. Set is designed for child height but mom or dad may pop in the photo at sitting or kneeling height.

The mean rules: You must purchase your own session; not purchasing for someone else's family or child. I am not responsible for any glitches or checkout errors from Big Cartel/PayPal's checkout process. A PayPal receipt in your email shows successful purchase. No refunds will be given for accidental purchase, illness, lateness, etc. If you are unable to make your session date you may sell your spot or trade times lots with another client as long as both parties agree.

A week after purchase, I'll send over contracts and details to the email you used to purchase this with. If you prefer another email just let me know at info@devonanne.com

Happy holidays!

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