• Image of Michelle's Portfolio Building Practice  - Ages 6+ only
  • Image of Michelle's Portfolio Building Practice  - Ages 6+ only
  • Image of Michelle's Portfolio Building Practice  - Ages 6+ only
  • Image of Michelle's Portfolio Building Practice  - Ages 6+ only
  • Image of Michelle's Portfolio Building Practice  - Ages 6+ only

This is a 50% retainer payment. The full price is $199 with the remaining 50% due at your session time

Many of you know and love my wonderful assistant Michelle. She's fantastic with your kiddos and we absolutely love her bubbly personality! But did you know she's a talented photographer too? Michelle has been primarily a photographer for still life recently; Linvilla product shots, flowers, scenery around the farm, and occasionally grabbing the camera and jumping in as a second shooter during crazy sessions with lots of kiddos.

But for next year we'd love to have Michelle branch out and start shooting her own sessions, hence these specially priced portfolio building sessions. These sessions are for cooperative subjects only at this time. Michelle will be taking a bit of extra time to change her camera settings, frame her subjects, experiment with her sunlight. This is a great opportunity for engagement/couples, maternity, and families with a little one who is not yet mobile, or families whose children are over the age of 6. In other words, we don't want to hit her with unpredictable moving subjects yet. 5 subjects max and at least one adult must participate.

*Examples of Michelle's photos from past sessions

You will receive
A location within Linvilla Orchards
30 minute session
Editing by Devon
Private online viewing gallery
A digital download of 5 of your favorite images

*I think it goes without saying, but just to cover my butt, please remember that I have absolutely no control over the scenery. I can't guarantee blossoms or a sunset sky any more than I can sun vs clouds (although some past stormy dramatic sessions have been AWESOME). I will use my best judgement to request a location within the orchard that will give us the best light for your photos. Most of the spring and summer is just plain beautiful grass and trees and fall foliage comes and goes quickly.

Rain dates: Sessions are only rescheduled if it is actively raining or inevitable in the forecast. Thursdays and some Tuesdays are our rain reschedule days. Since we are very limited to time of year, time of day, and good weather seasons, if a session is rained out twice, we will issue a refund so that it does not create a backlog in our schedule. I know that totally stinks! I wish I could create more time in the day!

Location: I have the awesome opportunity to shoot exclusively at Linvilla Orchards of Media, PA. The landscape is ever changing and we'll show up to anything from apple trees to a rye field to dirt roads and lush wooded areas. We are assigned our location each morning by the farm manager based on his spray/harvesting/mowing/etc schedule and therefore I can not take requests or guarantee any certain scenery. After being there six years, though, I've never been dealt any area I didn't find to be picture perfect.
Pets: Although we love fur babies, pets are not permitted at Linvilla

Social media use: My pricing reflects the ability to show off these beautiful sessions on our social media and share them with Linvilla Orchard's marketing team. Plus, it's a fun way for me to post sneak peeks for you while I edit. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission.