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This is a 50% retainer. The other 50% of your session cost will be due the day of your session.

Thank you so much for your interest in a session in the Linvilla Orchards Garden Center greenhouse! These are a totally new thing for me this year, and I'm beyond excited for a gorgeous indoor option that's sheltered from extreme weather. Please take a look at the info below to ensure the details are a great fit for your family. If all looks good, then feel free to check out the dropdown menu to reserve an appointment. Appointments are available year round with the exception of Linvilla's busy season September through end of October and always within about 2 hours of sunset.

Session is $200 and includes: 30 minute appointment, private digital proofing gallery, five images of client's choice, option to purchase additional images at $20 each or a flat download price of $199, and a document giving client personal use rights to downloaded images.

Location: Sessions will take place within Linvilla's Garden Center greenhouse. This is an operating store with the occasional shopper, foot traffic, shipments, and display rearrangements. It's a treat for us to be able to shoot in here, but retail needs take priority. This may mean something as simple as moving out of the way or practicing some patience while a shopper is near, or in the worst case scenario, rescheduling if the greenhouse is not suitable for shooting that day. I'll do my best to keep in-the-loop about garden center happenings.

Shooting Style: My outdoor sessions are full of movement and dancing and allow children to run free. But the greenhouse is more of a confined space, where I can create the best portraits, by strategically placing you in areas of good light and good composition. Children are welcome, but please be aware, that these are slightly more posed photos so more than one little one in the mix may be a bit tougher and offer less variety than we can create outdoors.

Weather: We're sheltered here from the extreme heat and cold, wind, and rain but sometimes on the dreariest days we may not have sufficient light to work with. On these days we'll have the option to shift our session time or reschedule for a brighter looking day.

Clothing Style: Our family sessions definitely have a certain look. Lots of cotton fabrics and colors ranging from neutrals to pale pastels and muted tones. I ask clients to dress in pieces that reflect this so I can keep a cohesive look to my photos. In other words, avoid the bright colors and festive outfits, and just go simple and subtle. Think flowy skirt or skinny jeans with a gauzy flowy top. Think linen dresses for little girls or overalls and bare tummies for little boys and comfy classic jeans and henley for dad. Not to say that's the only style of course. My style isn't for everyone so that's why we want to make sure this is a perfect for you for before we book.

Social media use: A huge part of my marketing is the ability to show off these beautiful sessions on our Facebook, IG, Twitter. Plus it's a fun way for me to post sneak peeks for you while I edit. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission.

Signage: Things like signs, price tags, products are bound to end up in the photos. For the most part, though, these will likely be blurred out in the background. The occasional one may appear in photos. It's part of the scenery and they won't be edited out.

Eligible sessions: This is a relatively small space (smaller during Putt Putt Jan-March) so sessions like maternity, engagement/couples, older kids, or families with only one unpredictable little one are perfect. You may see a session or two posted with up to four kids, but these are usually elementary aged kids or older who are capable of taking specific direction for where to stand/walk so that we can squeeze everyone in the photos. Trust me when I say it's a tight squeeze!

Putt-Putt: January through March half of the greenhouse is set up with Fore! The Planet Mini Golf. It's a super cute family-friendly, 18 hole, mini golf course that supports the environment. It will be visible to the kids, so I like to tell parents in advance in case you want to use the session photos as incentive to play after. It's $6.95 per adult and $5.95 for kids 10 and under.

Phew! That's finally all :)

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