• Image of Farm Market Mini Sessions at Linvilla Orchards

THIS IS A RETAINER PAYMENT ONLY. The full price is $250. 50% is due upon checkout, the remaining balance will be billed on your session date.

When the sun sets super late, we have the awesome advantage of the Linvilla farm market closing before it's even dark out. This means that we can shoot sessions by the soft shade of the storefront and then into the sunny garden center outdoor yard and there's very few people trickling in and out; just the last of the customers leaving and the staff watering the plants and closing up.

Compared to our regular Linvilla sunset sessions, you will not be the only client that night. With the shade of the market area, we can squeeze two sessions back to back, so to make sure both clients get gorgeous photos before it's dark, I'll be pretty quick with the hellos, let's take some photos, okay, you're outta here! Hence the lower price point than our regular sunsets. Basically, I'll be scooting you in and out pretty quickly.

I will assign if you are the 1st or 2nd family of the night as the session date approaches. There is no advantage to being first or second as the garden center deliveries and sun vs clouds could swap the areas we start with anyway.

20 minutes
Private emailed proofs
Digital download of client's favorite 8 images, high-res
Option to purchase additional images at $20 each or the entire gallery for a flat rate
Personal use document to print, post online, etc

Scheduling: Our sessions are short and sweet and are always done at sunset for that beautiful soft flattering light. We mainly work with babies, toddlers and young ages so I work quickly before attention spans wear out. Our exact start time will depend on the sunset time that week as well as the weather forecast.

Group size: We can accommodate a family of up to four members in the farm market. For larger groups, please check out our sunset sessions on the rest of the gorgeous orchard.

Rain dates: Sessions are only rescheduled if it is actively raining or inevitable in the forecast. Since we are very limited to time of year, time of day, and good weather seasons, if a session is rained out twice, we will issue a refund so that it does not create a backlog in our schedule.

Shooting Style: I love to shoot just the yummy candid stuff. I'll give a little bit of direction but otherwise I want to be invisible to capture you guys, being a family, interacting, having real fun, showcasing real toddler tantrums. In other words, I'm not trying to create the perfect family portrait for you to show off on Facebook; I'm trying to capture your real, silly, crazy, perfectly imperfect family. We don't want you to rehearse smiles with your kids or review the consequences of their behavior. Your kids should see this as mommy and daddy put away their phones, forget about housework, and just genuinely play and cuddle. Sessions are for immediate family only, unless requested. No children only sessions; it's all about the family interaction.

Pets: Although we love fur babies, pets are not permitted at Linvilla

Social media use: My pricing reflects the ability to show off these beautiful sessions on our social media and share them with Linvilla Orchard's marketing team. Plus, it's a fun way for me to post sneak peeks for you while I edit. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission, but if you'd prefer total privacy for your photos just let me know before booking. We have a small $25 privacy fee which will keep all images completely private to you.

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