• Image of 2019 Intro to Digital SLR
  • Image of 2019 Intro to Digital SLR

It's time for our annual intro to digital SLR class! This class is open to both Nikon and Canon shooters and will cover everything from the extreme basics to practicing on manual mode. Keep in mind you can go to school for years to learn photography and this is just a 3 hours class so please keep expectations realistic. This class is geared toward moms/dads and anyone looking to learn just to take better photos of their every day lives and family. This class is not open to anyone interested in taking their hobby to a professional level and by purchasing a spot in our class you agree that you will not be associated with any aspect of professional photography for 2 years following the class date.

Here a some of the topics we will go over in class:
Recognizing good and bad light
Shutter speed
White balance
Lens types on their effect on your photo
Very basics of how manual mode works (in layman's terms, making the camera do what you want it to do lol)

We will NOT cover off camera flash or photo editing. This class is very much geared to teach you how to shoot properly in natural light so photos are shot correctly in camera.

For the class you are required to bring a digital SLR camera. If you're not sure if yours is email me first with your model type. You will also need a memory card, full charged battery, neck strap on your camera and most importantly a 50mm lens. In class we'll teach how essential using a 50mm lens is. Plus it's the cheapest of all lens types to purchase so yay!

We will have only 6 students per class for a very personalized experience and this class will be very informal. I'll have a formal presentation that we'll refer to and I'll send copies of, but for the most part this is sitting around on the couches and rugs, playing with our cameras and learning hands on.

Class is from 12pm to 3pm with Devon. Classes take place in Devon's home studio at 203 Cambridge Road, Brookhaven, PA 19015.

Can't wait to see you there!


  • Saturday June 8th 12-3pm
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  • Sunday June 9th 12-3pm
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