• Image of 2019 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2019 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2019 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2019 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2019 Fall Minis

10 minute session during sunset at a location within Linvilla Orchards
Private online proofs
1 digital high resolution images of client's choice
Option to purchase add'tl images at $20 each or the entire gallery for a flat rate $119
Digital download of chosen images with personal use rights

*Just to cover my behind, please remember that I have absolutely no control over the scenery. I can't guarantee fall foliage any more than I can sun, clouds, or rain (although some past stormy dramatic sessions have been AWESOME). I will use my best judgement to request a location within the orchard that will give us the best light for your photos. Sessions will not be refunded or rescheduled based on scenery.

Eligibility: Families of up to 6 members. Immediate families only. No children-only sessions. It makes it easier on the kids and the photographer to have parents take part. You must purchase your own session. One fall mini per family.

Scheduling: Timeframes are approximate. They may vary +- 30 minutes depending on the forecast and area of the orchard we are assigned to. I'll send an email the day before with a finalized timeline and location. Because minis are an event, I cannot reschedule any missed sessions. A missed session will result in a loss of session fee. With enough notice, I can re-list your session. If your session sells, you'll receive a refund minus a $30 restocking fee (this covers me resisting, advertising, and setting up a new client).

Rain dates: Sessions are only rescheduled if it is actively raining or inevitable in the forecast. Since we are very limited to time of year, time of day, and good weather seasons, if a session is rained out twice, we will issue a refund so that it does not create a backlog in our schedule. Our rain dates are Monday November 4th, and Tuesday November 5th, respectively (please note daylight savings time will push us an hour earlier than originally planned)

Shooting Style: I'm not trying to create the perfect family portrait for you to show off on Facebook; I'm trying to capture your real, silly, crazy, perfectly imperfect family. We don't want you to rehearse smiles with your kids or review the consequences of their behavior. Your kids should see this as mommy and daddy put away their phones, forget about housework, and just genuinely play and cuddle for 10 uninterrupted minutes. Sessions are for immediate family only. No children-only sessions; it's all about the family interaction. And yes, we can photograph a posed portrait upon request, only if the children are old enough to do so easily. Fall minis have the goal of creating one amazing portrait for your family, so please come in with these expectations, and think of anything else as a bonus.

Clothing Style: Our family sessions definitely have a certain look. Muted, pastel, or neutral colors. I ask clients to dress in pieces that reflect this so I can keep a cohesive look to my photos. In other words, avoid the bright colors and patterns and just go simple and subtle. My style isn't for everyone so that's why we want to make sure this is a perfect for you for before we book.

Location: I have the awesome opportunity to shoot exclusively at Linvilla Orchards of Media, PA. The landscape is ever changing. The only drawback is that a working orchard with crop spraying and maintenance and hayrides does mean I don't know my scenery until last minute, but I must say after being there 5 years I've never been dealt an area I didn't find to be picture perfect.

Social media use: My pricing reflects the ability to show off these beautiful sessions on our social media and share them with Linvilla Orchard's marketing team. Plus, it's a fun way for me to post sneak peeks for you while I edit. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission, but if you'd prefer total privacy for your photos just let me know before booking. We have a small $25 privacy fee which will keep all images completely private to you.

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