• Image of 2018 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2018 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2018 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2018 Fall Minis
  • Image of 2018 Fall Minis

Mini sessions are designed to capture ONE goal photo. For most of my clients, this is a quick family picture for holiday card use. Some of you guys rock it and accomplish way more than that! Lucky lucky! We usually aim for just candid/interactive shots with littler ones involved but I'm happy to briefly try for looking and smiling portrait if the kids are up for it.

Location: Linvilla Orchards of Media, PA

Package includes:
10 minute session
Private online proofs
1 high-res digital image of client's choice with personal use rights
Option to purchase additional images at $20 each or the entire gallery for a flat rate $119 if we accomplish more than the goal image

Mini sessions are open to families of up to six. Immediate family only. Just please be realistic about the expectation of one, let alone, multiple little ones in a new environment, in a ten minute timeframe.

*Just to cover my butt, please remember that I have absolutely no control over the scenery. I can't guarantee fall foliage any more than I can sun vs clouds vs rain. I will use my best judgement to request a location within the orchard that will give us the best light for your photos. Prime fall foliage time only happens for about 10 days out of a three month span (if it happens at all). November may be totally brown and bare. It's up to Mother Nature and we'll just cross our fingers and toes from here.

Scheduling: Fall minis begin in November due to Linvilla's Halloween hayride schedule so even if fall color changes earlier in October, I have to wait until November 1st to begin. Please note that the rain dates will fall after daylight savings time so they will start an hour earlier. Please only sign up if you can make the rain date if needed or are willing to forfeit your session if you cannot make it.

Time slots: The time you sign up for is approximate depending on sun vs clouds that day and if we are in an area of the orchard that is open sun vs shaded woods. Your time may change +- 30 minutes as this is an approximation for now.

Clothing Style: Our family sessions definitely have a certain look. A mixture of romantic, whimsical, boho and vintage. Lots of natural fabrics and colors ranging from neutrals to pale pastels and muted tones. I ask clients to dress in pieces that reflect this so I can keep a cohesive look to my photos. In other words, avoid the bright colors and patterns and just go simple and subtle. My style isn't for everyone so that's why we want to make sure this is a perfect for you for before we book.

Social media use: A huge part of my marketing is the ability to show off these beautiful sessions on our Facebook, IG, Twitter. Plus it's a fun way for me to post sneak peeks for you while I edit. I don't use full names or tag clients without their permission but if you'd prefer total privacy for your photos just let me know before booking. We have a small $25 privacy fee which will keep all images completely private to you.

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