• Image of Simple Saturday - February 24th 2018

March through May dates will be added soon!

Originally designed as milestone minis for our birthday little ones we've expanded these sessions to work for (almost) any quick simple studio mini session. The studio is open to little ones, families, maternity, newborn, head shots and more. Families of up to 4 only due to space limitations. The key to booking one of these sessions though is to come in with ONE GOAL only.

For example with a family of four coming in the goal may be for a family portrait and not the expectations of further breakdowns into just the kids, individuals, etc. For a newborn the goal should be either baby alone for a simple beautiful portraits or cuddling with family. I'd love to aim for both but this is a mini, so again, one goal in mind. Trying to cram in too much can be chaotic and stressful for parents and little ones. If there is a bonus time I'll promise we'll allow extra but my main focus will be to achieve the one goal you tell us.

These sessions take place in my home studio in Brookhaven, PA. It's nothing glamorous and the treadmill in the corner is evidence of that. Lol. But I love the moments I can capture in my space. With a big bay window, creamy wall, white sheers, hardwood floors and simple timeless setups I could spend forever photographing in here.

Sessions run back to back to back so time is of the essence for these sessions. Little one should come in completely dressed, diaper changed, fed and ready to meet me for a couple minute warmup and then right into photos. Same rules apply when the session time is over. Promptly out the door allowing the next little one to come in and start.

Each session is 20 minutes and approx 2 weeks after the session you'll receive a private online proofs gallery. 3 images are included in your package but you are welcome to order additional at the rate of $20 each or a flat rate $119 to download your entire gallery (which is quite the deal for a very successful session where you may receive up to 30 images to choose from. 15-20 is our norm for little ones). Photos will be delivered in high-res digital format with personal use/printing rights meaning you can post on social media and print them as you please.

The studio setups are very simple and minimal. Pretty white and cream bed setup, cream tufted sofa, neutral wall and hardwood floors or some natural light white sheers at the bay window. Before your session we'll email a link to sample setups for you to choose from.

Birthdays: If you do want to show a birthday theme please let us know and we have some simple banners/bunting/props to create this for you. We're also introducing simpler cake smashes. Basically I stopped cake smashes for a while because all the colorful icing got to be a tad too much for white and cream colored room and furniture. But we're giving them another go, Devon style! Parents are welcome to bring in a 6-8" plain white cake. In the studio I'll be stocking simple cake toppers, flowers, ONEs and 1s, etc. Not overly decorative, just something sweet and simple. Please let me know this information immediately after purchase.

Any questions feel free to ask prior to purchase. A few days after purchase we'll send over an email to you with your contract and all the details you'll need so be sure to email us with your correct email address if the one you used to pay with is not where you'd like this information sent.

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